Tips to Tackle a Fat Loss Plateau

If you have reached a fat loss plateau it is definitely going to make you feel frustrated. What you need to do is to go back to the basics of your fitness training. After a couple of weeks you will begin to see definition taking place in your midsection and arms without losing any weight you have gained.

Some useful tips to help you overcome the abovementioned problem are given below:

  • In your fitness training you need to change your present cardio routine i.e. cardio equipment, style and interval time.
  • Also change the weight training programme. Maybe you could add additional sets such as increasing your dead-lifts from 3 to 5.
  • Change your training schedule to cover two shifts – morning and evening. The day you concentrate on only cardio, break it up into two separate sessions.
  • On the food front go in for more protein and lessen your carb intake.
  • If you are a coffee drinker, go in for a fat burner drink instead.
  • Try adding metabolic boosters such as jump squats, shadow boxing to your training.

If you hit a fat loss plateau it can lead to frustration – especially if you have been working zealously and sticking to a healthy diet. The problem could be due to low testosterone levels causing fat to accumulate on the lower abs. This problem can affect not only your health but also your mental approach to life.

You need to raise the levels of testosterone and go in for heavy body lifts which will stimulate the growth of muscle and create hormonal response. This can be achieved through strength exercises which will work on fat loss. Exercises such as dead-lifts, lunges, heavy squats, barbell presses and heavy rows will prove helpful.

During my time studying weight loss and nutrition at my personal training courses I discovered that most European fitness programs always provide a thorough nutrition plan as well as an exercise training program.

Fat fighting fat

Strangely enough, you need to eat a bit more fat if you want to lose fat. There are healthy fats you can go in for such as coconut oil, avocados, nuts, real butter and animal fats. Consuming artificial fats is a no-no. All this will help you to become more muscular and leaner and lessen the chances of developing health problems such as heart disease. You also need to lower your intake of carbohydrates.

On the training front

When you reach a fat loss plateau, instead of concentrating on using the treadmill, you should start doing high-intensity workouts at regular intervals. Such intense workouts will help you to burn more fat. To work out your entire body try HIIT training. This involves using total-body circuit with the help of goblet squats, push presses, rows and push-ups.

A 30 second action period with a 30 second rest interval is recommended. The whole body will benefit from such training and your metabolism gets a good boost. To complete the cycle you could use a rowing machine, airdyne bike or weighted sled at 15 seconds off and on intervals.


To get rid of the fat you should take in fewer calories than you can burn in a day. Keep a diary for a few days to track the amount of calories you are drinking and eating. To ensure you are on the right track every few weeks take body fat measurements with callipers.

J.J. 45empire