Fitness Gifts to Buy this Festive Season

Come the festive season you will need to start thinking seriously about selecting gifts for those you love. If you have been working out in a gym or a boot camp you would have surely made a lot many more buddies who could qualify for a gift in the season of cheer and of course there’s your SD personal trainer who has been working full time in getting you into top shape as well as providing invaluable nutritional tips and motivational advice.

Movement Tracker Bracelet

This is a simple looking bracelet that can be worn at all times and is a great gift for not only the super active types and but the complete couch potatoes that you have never been able to enthuse enough to join you at the gym. The bracelet tracks how much you move, sleep and even how much you eat. The entire data is uploaded on to the Internet from where you can analyse it on a computer or even on a mobile phone using an app. The device even has a vibration alert that informs the wearer when it is time to get off the couch and move around.

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Wi-Fi Body Scale

This is a weighing machine that takes smartness to the limit. Every time you step on it to take your weight, it automatically analyses your body composition and uploads the data on to the cloud. Using a mobile app, you can analyse it and get to know your progress. However, what takes it to new levels is its ability to connect with Facebook or Twitter so that all you social media contacts can know how exactly you are faring. The device allows multiple users so you entire family can use it.

Drinking Bottle

Buying bottled water for the gym workouts is so lame and not free of hazard too due to the chemicals present in the plastic. A water bottle with a double wall of stainless steel keeps your dinks cold and fresh and the exterior graphics create a great impression too. You require only a slight turn of the lid to open it and get access to your hydration. A really great gift idea for your personal fitness trainer too in the coming festive season; he’ll love you for it.

Juicer cum Blender

Getting into great physical shape depends a great deal getting good nutrition and a balanced diet. While there is no substitute for eating whole fruits and vegetables, regular intake of freshly-prepared fruit and vegetable juice can be a great alternative to delivering essential nutrients to your body. A juicer cum blender crafted out of stainless steel and equipped with a robust five-speed motor is a great device for preparing a range of juices and shakes.

Locker Bag

Your SD personal trainer will love you for having gifted him a locker bag that has enough room for storing sneakers, gym clothes, a towel, water bottles, etc. The bag has enough compartments to keep all the things separate and organised, yet is sized appropriately to fit into a typical gym locker. Your SD personal trainer will be able to ensure that his things are scattered around no more and he never forgets to take the essentials with him.

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