12 Week Body Transformation Programme – What is it and how does it Help?

The Venus Factor 12 week body transformation programme is a programme where a limited number of people who are keen to make serious and positive changes in their lives with regard to physical fitness may come together.

This group would meet every week and set themselves fitness goals. The main benefits of this programme are – besides the actual training – that every member receives the right amount of friendship, motivation and inspiration to achieve his/her goals, from the others in the group.


To commit to any physical programme for a longish period can prove difficult and challenging.

You will probably go through days when you feel like giving up. Whether it is the intense cold outside, or lack of a good night’s sleep, there will be times when you feel like lying in and not having to trudge to the gym. But if you stay committed and go through the old school new body fitness program not only will you be physically fit, you will also benefit in other areas such as being active and eating healthy.

The Venus Factor

Diet and exercise

The programme is especially crafted to produce a strong weight loss system based on your fitness level, workout history, and lifestyle. Some programmes provide software on customised nutrition detailing weekly and daily meals, macronutrient ranges and guidelines for calorie intake.


The nutrition section not only evolves with your weekly progress, it uses your weight, age and height to design an individual diet plan for you.

Fitness regime

The programme is based on a training system using multiple body workouts such as cardio to burn fat, and muscle toning. It also increases the intensity levels each week for the workouts.

Community benefits

By joining the 12 week body transformation programme you will have the benefit of sharing your workout experiences with other like-minded people. Many people, especially ladies. have reported on the benefits – the support and encouragement they received – factors that have helped them to achieve their weight loss goals. To join the program click here www.venus12weekbody.com/diets/one-meal-a-day-diet/

Workout tips

  • Try working out 6 days in a week at the same timings – preferably before breakfast. After you wake up, drink about 2 glasses of water and then start the workout.
  • Dedicate 3 days a week to weightlifting – one day for the lower body and one day for the upper body. For the other 3 days you can do cardio.
  • You should have 6 balanced meals taken 2-3 hours apart. Recommended food would include protein (chicken breast), carbohydrates (quinoa), and plenty of vegetables. Remember to drink a lot of water. If you drink tea or coffee, leave out the sweetener.


Once you start a 12 week body transformation programme you need to stick with it. Do not be discouraged if quick results are not seen. Instead of weighing yourself daily, do so once a month. The amount of water in the body can add to your weight on a particular day. So instead take ‘before’ and ‘during’ pictures to check your progress. Maintaining a written record as you go along can also help to keep you mentally on track.

J.J. 45empire